Working in the food industry, I get to see all kinds of relationships that people have with what they put in their mouths. One of the biggest disappointments to me is the shock and disgust that some people have when finding a bone or a piece of gristle in their meat. How dare something as menial as a piece of gristle be used as an excuse for anyone to throw food in the garbage.

You may want boneless, skinless and completely flawless meat--that is fine, but do not forget where meat comes from. Something that was once living with bones and skin died so that you could feast upon it. In the words of the old Tori Amos song, Blood Roses, “The chickens get a taste of your meat...Sometimes you’re nothing but meat.”

Occasionally a bone or piece of gristle gets overlooked in the processing aspect. If you can’t handle this simple fact then rather than throwing your food away in disgust, an act that invalidates the life and destruction of a creature that died so that you could live, perhaps you should contemplate becoming vegetarian instead.


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