When I asked my neigbor and friend of 11 years, Patty what she was doing for the evening, I had no idea that she would say, "Nothing.  We should grill."  Grill What?  I thought.  She's vegan and I'm an eat-anything type of guy.  I had the evening off so I said in a Bruce Willis type of threatening whisper, "Let's do this!"

Suddenly I started to moan steak under my breath like a zombie.  So I yelled for Mahaffavitch and the 3 of us made a trip to Trader Joe's to grab steak, a bunch of mixed veggies and $50 more worth of things that my stomach commanded, although I just shopped the other day.  Didn't my mom say something to me once about not going to the grocery store hungry? Yes, but I was STARVING, mom! 

Everything looked good. We got a cheese plate, boos and everything, but when it was time to build the fire I was at a loss.  Of course I was an arsen as a child... at least that's what the neighbors said when I set the forest on fire that one time.  But now I find it difficult to set anything on fire without the assistance of a liquid combustible like gasoline.  Patty was there to help.  

"Just pour on the lighter fluid and let it soak in for 5 minutes.  Then we'll light this bitch!"

She's not menopausal or butch, but Patty really knows how to get a fire started.  After 5 minutes it lit right up like the 4th of July. 

Apparently Patty was hungry too because Vegan or not, that hussy started digging in to Mahaffavitch's cheese plate as if she'd never seen food before.  I don't think she's ever experienced Port Salut cheese before. 

In the end it was a great evening. The steak was tender and tasty and Patty's skewered garlic mushrooms and grilled onions were mighty tasty.  We never were able to move on to the roasted veggies because our gluttonous asses were too full.  Oh well, lunch for tomorrow I guess.