Drop_Top_2A new trend could be on the rise.  At least that is what D. Marcio, inventor of the Convertible haircut is hoping for.  D who is better known as D-Bozo said that he was tired of everyone getting a Mohawk and he just decided to create a trend of his own.  Thus the birth of the Convertible, a reverse Mohawk-type of cut was born. 

D best describes the cut as a young, black Bozo the Clown.  Rather than the tall pointy hair in the middle of the head, like a Mohawk, the Convertible shaves the middle of the head from front to back of crown leaving the sides and lower back sticking out.  D has also given insight into names that he and others have coined for this new style.

“I wanted to cut [my hair] off before it disappeared.  So now I created the Convertible or the Drop-top.  Because my top is definitely dropped!  Some people call it the Cul-de-sac because you come in, turn around and go back out.  Some people even call it the George Jefferson. I tell people I’m just like George Jefferson and I’m in the process of moving on up.  So welcome to the Bozo!”

If you want this style then you are going to have to work for it.  It’s not only the young, black Bozo the clown look you are going for.  D says you have to have some major swag and accessories, like glasses, to match.  It’s pop-art for hair with a little swag and flair. 

If you’re in Los Angeles then keep your eyes peeled for D-Bozo and his wife Mrs. Megan Bozo.  Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until the convertible style makes its way to your neck of the woods.